Bride Trial and Consultation                        £80

Bride Wedding Day:                                       £100


Bridesmaids Trial:                                            £50

Bridesmaids Wedding Day:                            £55

Maids under 12yrs:                                           £25


Mother of Bride / Guests:                             £50

Bride Trial and Consultation                                £80

Bride Wedding Day:                                                £100

Bridesmaids Trial:                                                      £50

Bridesmaids Wedding Day:                                     £55

Maids under 12yrs:                                                   £25

Mother of bride / guests:                                         £50




                                   VIP Experience   £1,700

12 Hour service morning till night includes

Brides Hair and Make-up on Wedding Day
Bridal Party Hair & Make-up x 5

Brides Hair & Make-up trial

Individual lashes x 6 (optional)

Younger maids hair free x 1

Dressing service
Bottle of Prosecco
Pamper Room for bridal party and guests to use after the service till first dance Change of look for Bride if required Extras people for morning
Hair &Make-up @ £100 each 

This is a 12 hour full day to night VIP PACKAGE. The Bespoke Occasions team will prepare your first look before proceeding to follow you to the venue to provide both the bride and entire guest party with touch-ups until they have completed your second evening look, if desired.

This morning to night VIP Experience includes: Hair and makeup for 6 people & dressing service. Pamper room for guests and change of look for bride

The Bespoke Occasions team are not just Hair and Makeup! For us it's about getting you ready.
Our experienced team will do the work of planning a wedding hair and make up schedule to have you and your bridal party ready on time. The order of hair and makeup appointments will be organised to allow the bride to relax and have fun giving you less stress on the day.

The service we provide helps to keep a calm atmosphere allowing everyone to feel ready for your Big Day. We always make sure that we are not invasive, just there to lend a professional hand.

Once we have done everyone's hair and makeup we shall assist with dressing and any last minute things that need sorting.

We can take any cases/ bags ect to the venue for you and if needed people ( will need to know how many in advance).

With our Dressing service for the day of the wedding, we assist the bride in putting on the gown and any other accessories. We are also on hand to help bridesmaids/attendants into their gowns and to help with smaller details such as pinning on corsages, button holes and any other last minute things and assist right up until you leave the room undertaking our final checks. Our teams are fully kitted out with everything you could need in an emergency from sewing kits to sanitary products. We have been known to do last minute dress alterations moments before a ceremony!

We are also happy to liaise ahead of the wedding with your photographer, florist, accessory designer etc. to help achieve your style, and in the case of the photographer, we can contact them, to make sure they’re happy with the schedule that we put together for you. We will schedule everything for the morning, to ensure that you can just relax and leave it to us.

Whatever you need help with on your wedding morning whilst the team are there, they will happily do for you We shall then move on to the venue where a Makeup and Hair station/Pamper Room will then be set up in a room of choice , for you and your day guests to access for touch ups throughout the afternoon and evening.
Ending with a change of look for the bride if desired for the evening